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On July 8, 1960, there was a group of 10 men who met in the office of the Justice of the Peace, Mr. L. A. Rhyne, and drew up the charter for the Brownfield Federal Credit Union. Those ten men included: Pete Bridges, Jr., Donald Ethington, R.D. Goldston, Sydney Joe Hester, Leroy Little, Stanley Miller, C.W. Porter, Billy Don Renfro, James E. Tippit and L.C. Webster.

BFCU has had three (3) managers since the business was opened in 1960. Mr. Harold Andrews was the first manager, serving from 1960-1967. Mr. Alton West began his career as BFCU manager in 1967 and retired in 2000. Rhonda Duncan followed in his footsteps, becoming manager in 2001 and still serves in that capacity today. Some of our members of our Board of Directors have served almost since the CU was formed, and we are thankful for these men: Fred Cawthon, Eli Garcia, and Carey White.

It may be hard to believe, but BFCU first conducted business in the "janitor's broom closet" at what is now the Brownfield Middle School. Business was run there from 1960 until 1972, when at that time, it was moved to the Brownfield ISD Administration Building at 601 Tahoka Road. Business was conducted there beginning in August of 1972, until 1992. BFCU was growing and needed an even larger office building.

The Brownfield branch of First Federal Savings & Loan, located at 201 W. Hill, closed their offices and BFCU was fortunate enough to purchase that building for CU operations. BFCU moved into its present location in September of 1992 and still operates there today. We moved in during the month of September, 1992, and had our Grand Opening on October 8, 1992. After growing even more, and seeing the need for more space, the Board of Directors voted to expand and remodel our present location. On March 23, 2007, that construction began with a bang...literally the crews began breaking bricks off the outside walls! After three months of not ever having to close the doors for business and of having some very patient CU members, the completion of our new building took place in June, 2007! We are so proud of our new building and enjoy serving our members here each and every day! We've even had Slaton's Credit Union take notice and has expanded and remodeled its Credit Union with ours as their model! Thanks to Vaughn Construction for such a beautiful place to work and serve!

We do not take the success of BFCU for granted! We've been blessed that those who served before us had the foresight to see what we could not! We are thankful to those of you who have been faithful members since July of 1960! And we are thankful to those of you who have joined our membership and who have helped take us where we are today! We look forward to another "50 Years of Service!"

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